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Simis Editor v0.4

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Change Set: 47094
Released: Jun 6, 2010
Updated: Jun 6, 2010 by JamesRoss
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Release Notes

  • Simis Editor v0.4
    • Open and Save dialogs support full filename filters from BNFs (e.g. "tsection.dat").
    • Added statusbar and menu help text.
    • Added context menu tree editing with 4 groups of options populated from BNFs:
      • Insert previous siblings.
      • Insert next siblings.
      • Insert before children.
      • Insert after children.
    • Problems loading *.bnf files and loading or saving Simis files are all offered for reporting online.
  • Simis File
  • Libraries
    • BNFs: many renamed to better match what the store.
    • BNFs: all labels updated from TileY to TileZ to match MSTS's coordinate system.
    • BNFs: Global Track Sections updated.
    • BNFs: Route updated to label some values.
    • BNFs: Route Road Database updated to label some values.
    • BNFs: Route Road Items updated to label some values.
    • BNFs: Route Track Database updated to label some values and support :CrossoverItem.
    • BNFs: World updated to label some values and work with more files.
    • Jgr.Grammar: BNF and FSM now enforce the structure of the FILE definition in *.bnf files.
    • Jgr.Gui: Feedback class added for collecting data, prompting user via FeedbackPrompt and reporting problems online.
    • Jgr.Gui: FeedbackPrompt class added for prompting user about submission of comments/exceptions.
    • Jgr.Gui: TaskDialog class added for Vista+ task dialogs, with fallback to normal message boxes on XP.
    • Jgr.IO: FileFinder class added to scan a list of directories and return the first containing a given file.
    • Jgr.IO.Parser: DataTree class added to provide common functions for editing immutable trees.
    • Jgr.IO.Parser: SimisFile is now immutable and loads all data during construction.
    • Jgr.IO.Parser: MutableSimisFile class added to store modifiable Simis file data.
    • Jgr.IO.Parser: UndoRedoSimisFile class added to handle undo/redo operations on MutableSimisFile.
    • Jgr.IO.Parser: SimisProvider is now immutable and does all its work during construction instead of forcing threading on the caller.
    • Jgr.IO.Parser: SimisReader now parses text files case-insensitively.
    • Jgr.IO.Parser: SimisReader treats -1 read as an unsigned int as if it was signed (thus giving -1).
    • Jgr.IO.Parser: bool SimisTreeNode.Contains(string) added for easier checking of existence of children.
    • Jgr.IO.Parser: SimisTreeNode[string] now finds children case-insensitively.
    • Jgr.IO.Parser: SimisTreeNode SimisTreeNode.GetNextSibling(SimisTreeNode) added to find next siblings; likewise previous siblings.
    • Jgr.IO.Parser: SimisTreeNode SimisTreeNode.GetFirstChild() added to get first children; likewise last children.
    • Jgr.IO.Parser: SimisTreeNode.InsertChild() can now be called with 'before' of null, which acts like AppendChild().
    • Jgr.Msts: RouteService, RouteTrack and TrackService classes added, providing some wrapped data about routes.
    • Jgr.Msts: Tile class added; can load data and render 2D images of object locations within it and the track.
    • Jgr.Msts: Coordinate transformations improved to match MSTS better.
    • FxCop warning fixes.
    • Unit test fixes.
    • More unit tests.

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