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Simis Editor v0.1

The Simis Editor (currently only loads files) opens many of the files used by Train Simulator and displays them as a tree structure.

Getting Started

What Works

  • File > Open... - opening supported file types (see below).
  • Help > Test Simis Files... - testing files - select a directory and all supported files will be loaded and any errors reported in a list.
  • All blocks and values in a file can be seen in the main tree view.

What Doesn't Work (Yet)

  • Creating new files.
  • Editing blocks and values.
  • Saving files.
  • Clipboard operations (cut/copy/paste).
  • Indirect file opening - e.g. dropping a file on "Simis Editor.exe" or the application window.

Supported File Types

Format Name File Extension Total Read Support Notes
Activity act 63 63
Path pat 194 194
Service srv 286 286
Shape s 1971 1957
Sound Management sms 355 352
Terrain t 1085 1085 Uses :buffer type
Traffic Pattern trf 66 66
World w 727 727 Uses :buffer type
World Sound ws 510 510
Total 5257 5240

Note: Read Support means Simis Editor can open the file without throwing any exceptions.
Note: Formats which use the :buffer type can be loaded but are not completely parsed.

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