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Simis Editor v0.2

The Simis Editor opens, edits and saves many of the files used by Train Simulator, displaying them as a tree structure.

Getting Started

What Works

  • File > Open... - opening supported file types (see below).
  • File > Save, File > Save As... - saving files in Unicode text, binary or compressed binary. New!
  • Help > Reload Simis Resources - reloads all files from the "Resources" subdirectory (useful for testing). New!
  • All blocks and values in a file can be seen in the main tree view.
  • Values can be edited by selecting the block or value in the tree and using the Property Grid on the right. New!
  • Indirect file opening - dropping a supported file on "Simis Editor.exe" or the application window will open it. New!

What Doesn't Work (Yet)

  • Creating new files.
  • Opening other similar game files. More will be supported in future releases.
  • Editing the tree structure of files.
  • Edit menu functions: undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, delete.

Supported File Types

Format Name File Extension Total Read Support Write Support Notes
Activity act 63 63 37
Activity Save asv 60 60 0 New! Uses :buffer type
Environment env 32 26 0 New!
Hazard haz 16 16 16 New!
IOM iom 14 14 14 New!
Material Palette pal 7 7 7 New!
Path pat 194 194 115
Service srv 286 286 268
Shape s 1971 1856 1856 Updated!
Shape Detail sd 1823 1799 1478 New!
Sound Management sms 355 348 2
Terrain t 1085 1085 468 Updated! Uses :buffer type
Traffic Pattern trf 66 66 66
World w 727 727 727 Updated!
World Sound ws 510 510 510
Total 7209 7057 5564

Note: Read Support means Simis Editor can open the file without throwing any exceptions.
Note: Write Support means Simis Editor can open and save the file without throwing any exceptions, and find no differences with the original.
Note: Formats which use the :buffer type can be loaded but are not completely parsed and can not be saved correctly.

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