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Simis Editor v0.4

The Simis Editor opens, edits and saves many of the files used by Train Simulator, displaying them as a tree structure.

Getting Started

  1. Make sure you have the Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1 Framework installed. Included with Windows 7 and later.
  2. Download Simis Editor v0.4.
  3. Extract all files to an empty location of your choice.
  4. Run the tools.

Tools - Simis Editor v0.4

Graphical editor for individual Simis files.
  • What Works:
    • File > Open... - opening supported file types (see below).
    • File > Save, File > Save As... - saving files in Unicode text, binary or compressed binary.
    • Edit > Undo, Edit > Redo, Edit > Cut, Edit > Copy, Edit > Paste, Edit > Delete, Edit > Select All - standard editing functions.
    • Help > Reload Simis Resources - reloads all files from the "Resources" subdirectory (useful for testing).
    • All blocks and values in a file can be seen in the main tree view.
    • Values can be edited by selecting the block or value in the tree and using the Property Grid on the right.
    • Allowed blocks can be added to the tree by right-clicking and using the context-menu. New!
    • Indirect file opening - dropping a supported file on "SimisEditor.exe" or the application window will open it.
  • What Doesn't Work (Yet):
    • Creating new files.
    • Opening other similar game files. More will be supported in future releases.
    • Removing or replacing blocks in the tree structure of files.

Tools - Simis File

Performs operations on individual or collections of Simis files.

SIMISFILE /D[UMP] [/V[ERBOSE]] [file ...]
SIMISFILE /T[EST] [/V[ERBOSE]] [file ...] [dir ...]

/FORMATS - Displays a list of the supported Simis file formats.
/DUMP - Reads all files and displays the resulting Simis tree for each.
/NORMALIZE - Normalizes the specified files for comparisons. For binary files, this uncompresses the contents only. For text files, whitespace, quoted strings and numbers are all sanitized. The normalized file is written to the current directory, with the '.normalized' extension added if the source file is also in the current directory. This will overwrite files in the current directory only.
/TEST - Tests all the files specified and found in the directories specified against the reading and writing code. No files are changed. A report of read/write success by file type is produced.
/VERBOSE - Produces more output. For /DUMP and /TEST, displays the individual failures encountered while reading or writing files.
file - One or more Simis files to process.
dir - One or more directories containing Simis files. These will be scanned recursively.

Supported File Types

Format Name File Extension Total Read Write Notes
Activity act 63 63 63
Activity Save asv 60 2 0 Uses :buffer type
Environment env 32 26 0
Global Track Sections tsection.dat 1 1 0 Updated!
IOM iom 14 14 14
Material Palette pal 7 7 7
Route trk 7 7 7
Route Car Spawn carspawn.dat 8 0 0 New!
Route Hazard haz 16 16 16
Route Markers mkr 6 6 6
Route REF ref 9 7 5
Route Road Database rdb 7 7 7
Route Road Items rit 7 7 7
Route Telegraph Poles telepole.dat 8 8 8
Route Track Database tdb 7 7 6 Updated!
Route Track Items tit 7 7 6
Route Track Sections tsection.dat 6 6 6
Route Traffic Pattern trf 66 66 66
Route Train Path pat 194 194 194 Updated!
Route Train Service srv 286 286 286
Shape s 1970 1956 1956
Shape Detail sd 1823 1799 1797
Sound Management sms 355 348 348
Sound Sources ssource.dat 8 8 8
Terrain t 1085 1085 468 Uses :buffer type
Train Cab View cvf 11 11 11
Train Consist con 139 139 139
Train Engine eng 22 13 1
Train Wagon wag 86 49 23
World w 727 727 727 Updated!
World Sound ws 510 510 510
Total 7547 7382 6718

Note: Read Support means Simis Editor can open the file without throwing any exceptions.
Note: Write Support means Simis Editor can open and save the file without throwing any exceptions, and find no differences with the original.
Note: Formats which use the :buffer type can be loaded but are not completely parsed and can not be saved correctly.

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